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New animation!

2012-11-14 10:29:19 by boybogart

After a few months of work, turbo chicken is now out! You can watch it here:

More animations coming soon.


EDIT: Thanks for the FP guys! :)


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2012-11-14 12:27:42

Awesome man! I loved the art-style and crazy humor. XD

boybogart responds:

Glad you like it man! I'd probably use that art style a lot more in the future. Always great to hear from you my friend!


2012-11-14 13:05:37

The guy who voiced that chicken made me moist

boybogart responds:

Moist chicken is always good! :)


2012-11-14 13:35:12

I will clench everything in anticipation of future cartoons from ya :v

boybogart responds:

thanks for the support apa! It means a lot ;)


2012-11-14 15:51:58

Well done. This pleases me.

boybogart responds:

I'm glad it pleases you man, It's reception was really lukewarm at first.


2012-11-14 16:35:03

Lordy lord, that was fantastic!

boybogart responds:

yo digs, thanks, you! ;)


2012-11-15 00:09:14

Haha! Did you find the free sounds first and concoct a plan to make an animation around them? Funny! Loved it all. Keep in touch man.

boybogart responds:

Well there's not much a coherent plan to it though I still wrote a rough script. lol. Thanks man, will keep in touch.