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A Christmas comic!

2012-12-25 22:55:07 by boybogart

Hey dudes and dudettes, I made a surprisingly positive Christmas comic:

I would've uploaded this to newgrounds as I always did to support this insanely awesome site but it wouldn't allow me to upload the thing into a decent size so this'll have to do in the meantime. (sorry ng, i still wuv u <3)

Anyway, enough about me. So, what do you plan on doing on what's left of the holidays?

A Christmas comic!


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2012-12-25 23:04:32

Im glad you made/shared this. True words.

boybogart responds:

Awesome, glad you liked it Tyler!


2012-12-26 07:42:33

That is beyond adorable :)

Merry Christmas <3

boybogart responds:

Haha Merry Christmas my friend!


2012-12-26 10:07:42

Very Awesome job...

boybogart responds:

Thanks deathink! Love yer work!


2012-12-26 11:27:00

Yarg, time to raise the height/width limits in the Art Portal! Merry Christmas!

boybogart responds:

Merry Christmas Tom!


2012-12-26 16:22:11

Maaaan, that's a wonderful comic strip.
Touches the ol' heart.

boybogart responds:

I love touching hearts. <3


2012-12-26 18:12:14

"Don't let the media's ideals or the worlds high expectations [make you feel you have to be happy]"
"So smile"
It isn't the world vs the media. Your comic isn't separate from the media. TV shows are a part of the real world and they are made by real people with real problems. Oh i'm sure you think there's some magical difference between mainstream media and an online comic strip but experientially there isn't much. I'm consuming both in a very similar manner. And your comic is just another bit of media, spouting ideals and telling me how to live my life with the added touch of hypocrisy.
So no thank you, i won't smile.

(Updated ) boybogart responds:

Well it's your life, nobody's forcing you to do stuff. I just wanted to make people feel good about themselves despite their circumstances and tried to be realistic about it. The media tries to shove that relationships (family, friends) are what's most important these days but not all people have great relationships. But I did understand your point.


2012-12-27 10:49:54

Too inspirational

boybogart responds:

I dunno if that's a good or bad thing haha