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Wheel of time fanart!

2013-08-25 07:00:43 by boybogart

Not much news lately. Just been buried in work to pay bills. Can't help it to make some wheel of time fanart though, I've been listening consistenly to the audiobooks while I work. See for yerself!

Wheel of time fanart!


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2013-08-25 12:49:34

Wheel of Time used to be my favourite series of books when I was a young teen. Has it been finished yet? I should go look, see if the new guy writing it has finished. This made me smile though :)

boybogart responds:

Yeah, I remember that this was one of the few nice fantasy books that time so many teens have read it. Most have dropped out around book 6 or so though, just because it got a bit annoying towards that part. I think the last book has been released last January. :)


2013-08-25 14:11:36

Gorgeous as always, Bogart.

boybogart responds:

Thank you good sir Odell!


2013-08-25 18:17:12

Once you're done with the audiobooks of WOT, I'd love to recommend Stephen King's Dark Tower series! He shoehorned one in between 4 and 5 called The Wind Through The Keyhole, for a total of 8 books.

Have you listened to all of the WOT books yet? I'd read that after the author died, a fan took his notes and wrote 3 books to finish the epic up...

boybogart responds:

I'm not sure if the last book has an audio version already, but I'm just halfway through the series. Audiobooks are astoundingly slow to listen to, compared to just reading it.

The dark tower series is an excellent recommendation! I've been meaning to try reading it in the past but never got around doing it. And I'm honestly looking for another epic series like this cause audiobooks keep me at my seat during work. I was planning to listen to the dragonlance series but I think it'll have to come after the Dark tower. Thanks for the recommendation man!